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Beers & Barrels

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Beers & Barrels is a vibrant Dutch chain of restaurants where the love of beer is celebrated for lunch, dinner and beyond.

Our mission was to upgrade and expand the beer-loving concept at the heart of the brand, adding a splash of refined flavors and inclusive appeal that would broaden the target audience. 

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With a name like “Beers & Barrels”, the design concept had to map out a clever path towards a more refined approach without losing sight of the ‘for the love of beer’ territory where the previous locations so successfully claimed their piece of the market. This meant we had to identify the essentials of the existing branding and find a way to transform them into more inspired and current design elements that could open up the brand to a broader public.




The love of beer is stereotypically linked to branding on steroids with moustache-heavy design, murky colors and a rugged outlook. But this kind of thinking is very limiting and possibly even off-putting to a large part of the potential clientele. Beer culture itself has evolved a lot since the ‘tattooed craft beer hipster’ cliché first took over the scene and we felt Beers & Barrels was more than ready to experience its own, similar evolution away from the male cliché. 

Our central idea was to honor the essence of the existing Beer & Barrels identity and add some fresh twists, elegant flourishes and a welcoming atmosphere to tap into the broader potential of contemporary beer culture.   

DSC09251.jpg DSC09345.jpg

Wood, steel and stone are still the core elements of the interior design, so the new interior design approach doesn’t clash with the previous Beer & Barrels locations. However, the way these materials are being used speaks of a more easy-going, refined approach with a deliciously refreshing attention to detail, texture and lighting. Beer is still the core product, but the context adds its own flavors by playing with colors and shapes.

Blended in with the Beer & Barrel interior design regulars (a bar and a restaurant), a cocktail bar called ‘The Serpent’ was blended into the interior design mix. This instantly adds a more cosmopolitan vibe, opening up the space to a richer variety of experiences and target groups. 



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