Aces of Space

Beers & Barrels

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Beer culture and the drink itself are still seen as overwhelmingly masculine. Why has this stereotype persisted? MARKETING is the simple answer to that question. For 50 years beer has been targeted mostly to men. Restaurant company europe (rce) wanted to change that and asked Aces to make their beers and barrels formula more inclusive. We opened it up for a broader audience by adding a layer of refinement to the interior design, branding and offering.

DSC09310.jpg DSC09175.jpg DSC09071.jpg

Beer brings




We absolutely love how all the patterns and textures work so well together throughout the entire space! 

DSC09251.jpg DSC09345.jpg

Where the ground floor at Beers and Barrels Rotterdam is exactly what you’d expect from a beer cafe, moody and rough around the edges. The first floor has a different vibe, more loungy and refined. The perfect spot for a cocktail, if you will.





is the place

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