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Taste Like Chicken

TLC, Taste Like Chicken, is a fast food concept that is entirely plant-based. Delicious, fast, and good food. The menu consists of 10 dishes with plant-based chicken as the main ingredient. It tastes like chicken, but it isn’t chicken. The concept is for everyone because everyone loves chicken.


For TLC, the Aces team though of a concept like no other.  The love brand for everyone, where a threshold doesn’t exist. We like to create a cult and do it together. This way, we can collaborate with brands and other artists, for the staff’s clothing or packaging. It’s not really about the brand itself but more about the feeling of reward and lifestyle.


tender loving care


As TLC likes to say: “We never liked the lighting, furniture and design of fast food places, so we switched styles. Now you can hang out and get inspired, while you get your new favorite food ever.”

So, that is what Aces did: we designed the interior with vibrant colours, a skateboard and high glossy holographic wall, and awesome neon signages.




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