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Stretch Studio

Location: Stretch Studios | Dubai, UAE

Tranquil, intimate and professional, Stretch Studio is a haven for wellness and wellbeing in the epicentre of Downtown Dubai. A dedicated space that specialises in supporting recovery in both a mental and physical capacity, Stretch presents a contemporary approach to holistic wellness via a sensorial experience that encourages people to take a pause and reconnect with their body and mind.

The Aces team were commissioned to develop a holistic studio that emphasised the brand’s mission to help people ‘release, restore and recover’ via an experiential concept that would stand out in Dubai’s highly competitive fitness and wellness landscape.

The 345 sq metre space was divided into distinct zones to curate a memorable customer journey that would immerse them into the Stretch experience from the moment they set foot into the studio. The notion of holistic design was revisited, moving away from the expected to curate the unexpected.


take a
to pause...

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With a focus on releasing, restoring and recovering, we developed an personalised and inviting space that worked with warm, natural colours and materials as well as atmospheric lighting to create a sleek, elevated lifestyle destination that revisited the benchmarks in the wellness space.  

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A human- centric experience designed to provide a moment of pause amidst the chaos of urban life, the Stretch experience radiates wellbeing from beginning to end. A serene, hospitality-inspired entrance, complete with a lounge area and juice bar sets the tone for the experience, whilst the main studio, the heartbeat of the studio, induces a sense of tranquility and professionalism via clean lines, mood-setting lighting design and negative spaces. Private cabanas and locker rooms, with premium finishes and natural materials, fuse form and function to intimately round off a self-exploration journey the unlocks your personal best.

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