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Location: Breda, The Netherlands

Handpicked is a family of specialised digital media agencies. Each of its individual parts is an agency on its own, but the sum of these parts also works as an agency with the ability to handpick the skills needed for a specific project. Translating the Handpicked DNA into an office concept means juggling brand identities and day-to-day workflows while walking a tightrope between fun opportunities and practical essentials. Want to know how Aces of Space pulled it off? Well, step right up, folks! The Handpicked office design concept has so many thrills, chills and conceptual frills, you’ll blow your top.


The ground floor area, or - 'The Ring' as we call it, basically ticks all the boxes of what an office should have. You might even say it goes full circle? The reception and bar have been merged into one zone. There's a kitchen to cater to all of the staff during lunch time. There's a lounge to kick back for a bit. Plenty of seating throughout the space for one on one sessions, group brainstorms or lunch breaks as mentioned above. Heck, there's even a center stage for presentations or maybe even the occasional karaoke sesh’ during office parties.





DSC04576.jpg DSC04660.jpg
DSC04967.jpg DSC04992.jpg

The first and second floor are all about work. With each of the agencies having their own zone that’s fitted to their own specific needs. We started with an open floor plan with big workstations for extra comfort. In addition we added some closed seating spots meant for a quick chat with a co-worker or the occasional phone call.

DSC04678.jpg DSC05013.jpg







The Big Top is where the big business goes down, not sure if that’s true but we’d like to think so. Multi themed meeting rooms like 'The Living Room’, ‘The Class Room’ and ‘The Board Room’ take up most of the third floor. All meant for meeting but each with their own unique functions and style.


The ‘Handpicked House of Wonder’ is home to the most entertaining, most conceptually daring, most amazingly practical approach to office design you’ll ever experience. Don't you agree?

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