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Banks Mansion Hotel

The Banks Mansion Amsterdam is a stately staple of the Carlton Hotel Collection, situated in Amsterdam’s famed Golden Bend district. Its prime location in the heart of the city and awe-inspiring front façade secures its status as a boutique luxury hotel.

Our mission was to find a concept that draws people into the hotel and tells a story that sets the Banks Mansion apart from other competitors in the neighborhood and beyond. 


Repositioning Banks as “your home next door”, we created a stand-out brand identity evoking a comfortable yet quirky atmosphere, focused on a personal approach with attention to the kind of unconventional details that make all the difference.

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shoes optional,

socks on point

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The overall style was inspired by the Amsterdam School (an art movement and architecture style from 1910 to 1930). Its typical elements like geometrics, stained art glass, iron work and decorative brickwork are perfect for creating a luxury boutique feel, especially when combined with a warm and contemporary color scheme. The Visual Identity has a dash of art deco combined with cinematic & luxurious features. ​​​​​​​


Our mission was to upgrade and differentiate the hotel without any extensive renovations. The new brand identity itself had to be powerful and unique enough to make all the difference. The rebranding had to be focused, with a clear storyline that could be implemented consistently from the overall concept down to the tiniest details. At the same time, the brand needed to be broad enough to appeal to a very wide variety of target groups, as the hotel welcomes all kinds of guests. 

This map led us to the concept of “your home next door” and the unconventional details that make the “all things inclusive” concept so distinctive. It also informed the visual identity of the brand, zeroing in on the same comfortable consistency with unconventional attention to detail.      


Your home

Next door

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