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Banks Mansion Hotel

Banks Mansion in Amsterdam asked us to create a different brand story including a new visual identity to communicate how far they go in Hospitality and pampering their guests….
Banks became the Home Next Door, A Different kind of House where the Banks Family will do everything to make you feel at home.

Logo design, Typo, Tone of Voice, Icons, Website design and so much more…the whole shebang..

The typography has a dash of art deco combined with cinematic & luxurious features.
Special icons are to highlight the unique specialities that Banks Mansion offers, like renting a bike or getting your favourite cocktails.


banks_key-holder(test).jpg BanksMansion-Socks.jpg

The home

next door

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Banks Mansion Hotel Concept
We are your home next door, filled with friendly, sometimes slightly nosy neighbours who want to make you feel right at home from the moment you enter through our front door. We take the time to get to know you, because more than a one- size-fits-all grand gesture, we know that it’s the little things that make all the difference. Like your favourite cocktail ingredients or tea blend, along with our (almost) famous signature socks, which will be waiting for you in your bedroom. Located alongside the canal in Amsterdam’s Golden Bend, our quirky, familiar atmosphere lets you experience the city like a bonafide local. 
PS: Shoes are optional. 


A different

kind of


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