Aces of Space

The Avocado Show

Location: Londen, Mall of the Netherlands, Brussels, Stuttgart, Paris

Amsterdam Based food concept The avocado show, already had an established identity of combining healthy food with creativity. Their signature assets such as the pink couch and plant wall were a given but we wanted to add touches of our own flavours to the mix! Resulting in a sophisticated yet still playful translation of the brand’s concept.


There are some unicorn brands that need little introduction, and The Avocado Show is one of them. A contemporary Amsterdam-born brand that about the #AVOLOVE, The Avocado Show has become a go-to destination for people looking for good-for-you food and good vibes. With a sustainable mindset that oozes creativity, playfulness, and a penchant for Pretty Healthy Food, we there was no way that Aces of Space could ‘avo’ resist taking on the challenge of their international roll-out. 





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With a 64m2 space secured in the heart of Oxford Circus, the Aces of Space team were commissioned to develop a vibrant, contemporary space that translated the brand’s messaging and identity in a manner that would enable it to stand out in one of the world’s most sophisticated F&B scenes. 

Building upon The Avocado Show’s signature experience touchpoints, such as the recognisable pink sofa and plant wall, we worked to deepen the brand experience with to cater to the demands and expectations of the sophisticated London market. We wanted to create a space that would make everyone feel at ease, not just Millennials and Gen Z’ers, so that they could easily make better dining choices which benefited their health as well as the environment. 

TAS001-2.jpg TAS018.jpg TAS009-2.jpg




The brand’s distinct pink was a focal point of the design, but this time, it was applied alongside a tonal pink palette brought to life by different the variations of pink selected for the tiles. We revisited the materials used in existing Avocado Show venues, mixing them up with new, yet familiar options, to add more dimension and depth to the space. 

A popular new dining destination, right off Regent Street that is fresh, familiar yet deliciously unexpected all at once. 


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