Aces of Space

Meet crew member Gijs

For those of you that don’t know me yet, my name is Gijs. I’ve been working at AoS for about 7,5 years. So I assume you kinda know who I am.

Anyway, I started my career as an interior designer here at AoS. I do a variety of things like 3D modelling, 3D rendering, technical drawings, lots of running with Babs, photography and anything social media/website. Oh and I’m also the office IT guy.

When I’m not working you’ll likely find me hanging with my wife, taking photos, running, riding my motorcycle or playing video games.

My guilty pleasure is watching EDC videos on Youtube. EDC means Every Day Carry, so what people carry with them on a daily basis like phones, wallets, watches, key organisers and so much more. Sometimes I go even deeper and check out videos about home screen layouts. Really enjoy tinkering with that kind of stuff.

If there’s anything I’d like to do here at AoS that we haven’t done yet in terms of type of projects. I’d love to design an Eco Hotel. Didn’t know that was a thing until late last year but threw that straight onto the bucket list.

Think that’s about it!


"I also very much enjoy Star Wars."


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