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Foodservice Alliance (FSA) is a network platform in the broadest sense of the term. An inspirational platform where companies and organizations come together. A frontrunner in terms of trends and developments in the Belgian Foodservice market. FSA is here to inspire, connect, and entice, ultimately enabling their partners to grow.


Create impact in foodservice business

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In the world of FSA, connection is everything. From the intricate data to the deep bonds between individuals, whether it’s through technology or shared experienc- es of knowledge. As shapeshifters, FSA has the unique ability to connect all the dots and create a cohesive whole.
It is through this understanding that they strive to build a better future. One that is built on a foundation with a shared vision.
The Brand Identity Design that Aces of Space created for FSA is future-proof, contemporary, and a perfect reflection of what FSA stands for.

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