Launching brands by Storytelling and design

we're Explorers in an Ever-Expanding Space of Creativity

to the moon and back we say!

We are experts at creating multi-dimensional experiences tailored to your story

‘SPACE’ is what surrounds us. What makes up the walls of your brand experience? It’s not just the physical objects and dimensions that matter: it’s the colours, smells, shapes, atmosphere, people, sounds: everything your senses can perceive is part of your personal space.



  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Identity & Design
  • Environmental Branding 
  • Commercial & Editorial Art Direction
  • Interior Design
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Digital Brand Experiences
  • Design Project Management



Aces of Space is a flexible team of eager minds waiting to sink its mental, intellectual and creative teeth into your project. We are all ‘aces’ Each of us is able to channel the power of a unique talent. We are team players, creators and thinkers, complementing each other, aligning our powers for the greatest possible efficiency and effect, always custom-fit to each and every project.


We create multi-dimensional experiences for retail, restaurants, hotels, you name it. The only thing we’re missing is… you. What story are you telling your target audience? Aces of Space will translate all your branding, product or other tales into clear-cut, practical design concepts that will get your message across loud and clear. We are shaped by our experiences. We can’t wait to see how your experience will help us grow and create new opportunities for the future. We love to listen. We love to pick up what you’re laying down, running with it and coming back with something shiny and new and polished to perfection.

That ‘something’ could be your story.